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Cookies. Not the biscuit kind. The technological web kind. Here’s what they do and why we use them here at BBHQ.


What are cookies?
‘Cookies’ are small pieces of information that a website sends to your computer’s hard drive while you are viewing a website.


We use Cookies here in different ways:

Analytical – this means plugins like Google Analytics set cookies for you when you visit our site, and we can track visitor stats, which is very important to us. We like to know how many Bombshells are out there!

Advertising and Affiliate Programs – we need to make some money from Bombshells, so we carry some adverts, and use some affiliate programmes. We use Skimlinks – their cookies, and those of the advertisers on the site alert the advertisers/affiliates to any purchases made on the affiliate partner’s site, and we can earn a small commission on this purchase. It is very small. When you hover over a link on the site, you will see if it is an affiliate link as it is clearly labeled as such. For more info on advertising and affiliates, visit the Disclosures page.

Social – if you can share the site’s content via Twitter, Facebook and other social media sites, the buttons use cookies – theses remove the need for you to login to each social network every time you want to share a post. So, they are helpful. Like real biscuit cookies.

If you use the site, you accept these cookies. If you don’t accept, or disable cookies, you might miss out on the whole Bombshell experience. For more information please visit

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