All About Breasts…*

I was in the lingerie department of M&S the other week, looking for a new bra, and musing over breasts. Mine, obviously. But I was looking rather enviously at some of the more delicate, lacy bralettes I could never get my double F’s into.

I didn’t always have boobs. They sort of developed around 28 – along with a couple of stone in weight, right enough. Before that I would have been prime candidate for a boob job, and there were times when I bemoaned my lack of cup size.

Diana Dors and her pointy boobs

These days, I still moan, but for different reasons. Oh to have pert, 1950s boobs in a cute pointy bra like Diana Dors. Or the sumptuous curves of Jane Russell, all breasts, waist and butt.

The gloriously curvaceous Jane Russell

Yes, the Kardashians have brought the booty back into fashion, but I will always be a breast girl – most likely because my backside is completely flat…but buttock implants are most definitely not for me!

Back in the golden days of Hollywood, breasts were probably mostly real. But how do we really know? Apparently Marilyn Monroe was in agony not long before her tragic death in 1962, thanks to some silicone injections gone wrong.

Marilyn, showing us how we should look in sexy black lingerie

These days, things are much easier, and WAY safer, and, according to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, breast augmentation was the most requested cosmetic surgery procedure in 2016.

If you do want to enhance your bosom, it’s easy to find a reputable breast treatment provider, and easy to choose just how enhanced – or not – you want them to be.

Ever had boob envy?



The truth is that Sophia was stunned at the appearance of Jayne’s nipple, and Jayne had set it all up as a publicity stunt to upstage her Hollywood rival. There are other images on the internet that show Sophia’s genuine shock!

Go with whatever boobs make you happy ladies, but never use them to upstage another!


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