October: breast cancer awareness month

Evelyn.H.Lauder did an incredible thing in 1992. When she introduced the pink ribbon at the Estee Lauder Companies’ brands counters, who knew how ‘breast cancer awareness month’ would take off.

Of course, she wasn’t actually the inventor of it – back in 1985 the American Cancer Society and the pharmaceutical division of Imperial Chemical Industries created National Breast Cancer Awareness Month with the aim of promoting a mammogram as the most effective weapon in the fight against breast cancer.

Then Senior Corporate Vice President of the Estee Lauder Companies, Evelyn established the pink ribbon. She’s credited as ‘co-creator’, and, indeed, the ribbon symbol had been used before, by a 68-year-old California woman named Charlotte Haley, whose sister, daughter, and granddaughter had breast cancer. She had distributed peach-color ribbons to call attention to what she perceived as inadequate funding for research.

Estee Lauder Companies BCC Beauty Box UK & Ireland 2017

And in the autumn of 1991, the Susan G. Komen Foundation had handed out pink ribbons to participants in its New York City race for breast cancer survivors.

Then came Evelyn, her pink ribbons, and the Breast Cancer Awareness Campaign – now the Breast Cancer Campaign – , and, in 1993, the Breast Cancer Research Foundation (BCRF) – a non-profit organisation set up to generate funding that would be solely dedicated to breast cancer research.

All of the Lauder companies release ‘breast cancer awareness month products’ in October, but it doesn’t stop there. There are all manner of ‘pink products’ available to buy from all sorts of retailers, with funds going to various breast cancer charities.

Gorgeous beauty box

Bombshell Bette Davis died of the disease in 1989, and the search for a cure continues. Lauder’s campaign this year focuses on 25 years of the pink ribbon, and they have re-iterated their stance on aiming to end breast cancer. Use the hashtag #PinkRibbon25

Other cancer charities have tried to emulate the success, if that’s the right word, and appeal, of ‘breast cancer awareness month’ but with nowhere near as much effect.The debate is there – why do we put so much focus on this cancer, and this month? I don’t have the answers.

Clinique’s DDML for BCC 2017

But if buying something nice for yourself, and donating to charity at the same time makes you feel good, then why not?

There’s a really lovely Estee Lauder Companies UK & Ireland Breast Cancer Campaign Beauty Box available online at various sites, packed with beauty goodies, including Estee Lauder Perfectly Clean Cleanser, a full-size Clinique Chubby Stick, Bobbi Brown Vitamin Enriched Face Base, and a Smashbox Full Exposure Mascara, amongst all sorts of goodies. It’s £25, and £15 of that goes directly the BCRF.

The cutest keyring

And I love the keyring with Clinique’s 200ml Limited Edition Dramatically Different Moisturizing Lotion +  – £2 of the £38 price goes to the BCRF.


Find the Beauty Box at esteelauder.co.uk, clinique.co.uk, origins.co.uk , bobbibrown.co.uk, bumbleandbumble.co.uk, smashbox.co.uk, and glamglow.co.uk

Clinique Limited Edition Dramatically Different Moisturizing Lotion is at counters, and clinique.co.uk


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