Hard Day’s Night at the Lush Spa!

“Our latest treatment, inspired by the Beatles and our Liverpool spa, performed to a soundtrack of cleverly reworked Beatles songs. Pop on a pair of warm, clean PJs and this deep full-body treatment unlike any other will have you getting up 75 minutes later as if from a golden slumber. Designed to restore and refresh you, this takes its inspiration from traditional shiatsu and adds innovative passive stretching techniques, with a hint of the circus and psychedelia.”


That is how Lush Spa describe their Hard Day’s Night Treatment. I’m not sure how I would describe it. I am still grappling with it, a month or so later. Let’s begin by saying I liked it. I did. But if you are looking for a traditional, relaxing spa treatment this is not for you. If you are looking for something relaxing, completely different, with a bit of tongue in cheek humour – then go for it.

Lush Spa Hard Day's Night Edinburgh

The Lush Spa in Edinburgh is completely different to any other spa  – it has a retro, vintage feel. The kitchen area, where I sat with Chris, my therapist, to talk through the treatment, is full of vintage bits and bobs. Being a vintage fan, I loved it. (They even had the same teacups as me!) The bathroom is lovely, full of products you can try.

Lush Spa Hard Day's Night pyjamasThe Lush Spa treatment rooms are clean, and bright, but with a more homely feel  than perhaps some other, more traditional spas. I popped on the brushed cotton pyjamas and lay on the bed as instructed. Chris then began the treatment. Being massaged through the pyjamas, it reminded me of traditional massage I had had once in Thailand.

The treatment is intense, and my bad back was just about holding up to the pain of some of the movements. The treatment was both relaxing and invigorating; my limbs were twisted and turned, and Chris moved me according to my own flexibility.

Well, I hope he did!  If you aren’t that flexible, some of the movements would be a little difficult! I did try to suppress a giggle when my legs were held in, I assume, a band, and bounced up and down. Is it just me, or do you feel that if you opened your eyes during a treatment some of the magic would be gone?!

I was loving the soundtrack playing – a specially recorded track of Beatles songs, reworked by various musicians and vocalists. Done beautifully, it was a joy to listen to, and I would love to buy it if it came available on CD. (Edit – I’ve just found out you can buy the CD at Lush stores and website – brilliant!)

After a lot of massage, limb manipulation, and twisting and turning in all directions, the last part of the massage was a head and face massage. I found this quite difficult, because there is no product involved and hands on my face just wasn’t quite cutting it for me. I’m also not a fan of head massage  – as much as I try to relax, all I seem to be able to focus on is the sound of my hair being moved around. But all of this is just me, not the treatment.

Lush Spa Hard Day's Night Bed

At the very end, I had been told by Chris, he would speak a few words to me, then leave me to relax until I heard two different cockerel alarms. I won’t ruin the surprise by telling you what those words were, but I am pretty sure it was one of the more tongue-in-cheek parts of the treatment. I wanted to laugh out loud, if I am honest!

Once the alarm went off, I got up, as if getting out of bed, got dressed and headed out for tea and Jammy Dodger biscuits, served on a big old 12-inch record! It was as surreal an end to the treatment as you could hope for – the Lush Spa doesn’t do things the ‘normal’ way! Even the relaxation area is like a vintage living room – I could have moved in!

Lush Spa hard day's night record tea

This is definitely no ordinary spa treatment, but if you want something fun, a little bit different, and at the same time relaxing, and invigorating, then you must book yourself a Hard Day’s Night!Lush Spa Hard Day's Night Golden Slumbers

Two asides – at the end of the treatment you are given a special, only available with this treatment, Golden Slumbers Bath Bomb, full of Lavender to help you continue your relaxed frame of mind that evening, with a bath.

And Chris, my therapist was male. I had no problem with that, and this treatment is clothed, in those pyjamas, but perhaps Lush should let customers know in advance, as a quick straw poll of some of my friends threw up a few who are not comfortable in a treatment situation with a male therapist.

Lush are a fun, innovative, amazingly different company, with a brilliant ‘hippie’ ethos. I truly love their products, and this was the first time I was in their spa. I loved the craziness of the treatment, but this treatment is not a joke – the serious techniques, movements and massages used were excellent, and brilliantly administered. And Jammy Dodgers are welcome after every spa treatment in my book!

If you want a fun, effective, relaxing 75 minutes, then head along for this Hard Day’s Night treatment at the nearest Lush Spa. It costs £85 for 75 minutes, an exclusive bath bomb, and those Jammy Dodgers and tea!

I went to the Edinburgh Lush Spa, contact them on 0131 225 4688 or email edinburgh@lush.co.uk. Visit lush.co.uk for more information.


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