Hourglass Icon – Red Lipstick Review of the Week

I remember in the distant past, trying out a red lipstick from Hourglass, and I’m pretty sure it was Hourglass Icon, but in a lipstick form. Anyway, thanks to the brand recently debuting in my local Harvey Nichols stores, I have become reacquainted, and so this week’s Red Lipstick Review is Icon red, in the Opaque Rouge Liquid Lipstick.

This Hourglass Icon red is a true, blue-based red, and at first, I wasn’t sure. But then I quickly fell in love with it. It’s SO matte. It dries down quite quickly and lasts ALL day. It lasted all day, through lunch, and then all the way through a 5K run in the rain! Amazing!

If you want staying power, and the boldest, brashest bombshell red around, then get this in your life!

HOurglass Icon boxed

Yes, it is a teeny bit drying. But the brand does have this amazing No28 Lip Treatment oil which, if you use will give you gorgeous soft, supple lips.I had a makeover on counter, and this was applied to my lips and left on whilst the rest of my face was done, before excess was blotted off before the lip colour was applied.

HOurglass Icon red lipstick

I have found that applying it with a lip brush is better for accuracy than applying with the applicator that is built-in, but that’s maybe just my personal preference. You don’t need lipliner with this one at all. It doesn’t bleed. It really doesn’t move. I can’t stress enough how long-lasting this product is.

If you prefer a bit of a glossy colour, or something less bold, then this is not for you. But if you like a full-on matte red, then buy it now. It comes in a little bullet that is so tactile, and perfectly sized for even the smallest of clutch bags.

HOurglass Icon red lipstick pout

Hourglass are a really lovely brand – premium, with no animal testing, and free of many of the nasties in some cosmetics. The packaging is sleek and glamorous, and the product range is vast, and clever. I am in love with their Ambient Light Powders  which give the full bombshell under good lighting look – there are six for all sorts of skintones and issues you may need a little bit of clever lighting with! And their Arch Eybrow Pencil is fantastic.

But I digress from my red review! There’s nothing much more to say about this one – matte, bold, bright, fantastic just about sums it up and it gets five stars from me!

Hourglass Opaque Rouge Liquid Lipstick in Icon, £23, available at Liberty, Space NK, and Space NK in Harvey Nichols Edinburgh

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