Sisley red lipliner – Red Lipstick Review

So, I’m not reviewing a lipstick this week, but a lipliner – my absolute favourite lipliner EVER! Meet Sisley’s Phyto Levres Perfect Lipliner in Ruby. This Sisley red lipliner is quite simply the best red lipliner you will ever use. It is £32.50. Yes, that is £32.50 for a lipliner. And this photo does not do it justice at all (but you can see it comes with its own sharpener!)

Sisley red lipliner one

It is a ridiculous price. But, it is a ridiculously good product. The red is perfect, the texture is soft and creamy, and it does last. I can use one of these every day for about six months. So, that’s not really that much when you break it down – that’s about a fiver a month. I think I can manage that!

Why do I love it so? Where to start. You have to try it to believe how soft and easy to use it is. It is firm, but gentle. It goes on perfectly – you really can’t make mistakes and will always precisely define the lip contour thanks to its  “moulded” texture  – this is a technology which provides softness, firmness and comfort upon application.

The high proportion of oils and waxes in the formula give it that easy- application, and the bold, bright colour. It contains Kokum Butter and Phytosqualane to nourish and hydrate, Aloe Vera extract and Jojoba Oil to provide the softness.  Natural Wax and a Sucrose derivative guarantee the long-lasting hold of the colour.

Sisley red lipliner merle trio

As you can see from my pictures, I line the lip and then fill it in – this is just the Sisley red lipliner -nothing else. Sometimes, it is all I need. Apply your lipstick on top of this and you are guaranteed long-lasting coverage all day. There is something magical about this product. It is most definitely my desert-island beauty musthave!

Sisley Phyto Levres Perfect Lipliner in Ruby, £32.50,

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