Estee Lauder Modern Muse – Friday Fragrance

It’s been a while since we’ve featured a Friday Fragrance – and is this Estee Lauder Modern Muse worth waiting for? If you are an Estee Lauder fragrance fan, yes. If you like new innovation in fragrance, yes. If you like Jasmine, yes!

Estee Lauder Modern Muse launches nationwide later this month, and really should come with a fanfare – it is the first major Estee Lauder fragrance launch for years. And it is quite different to anything they have done before.

Modern Muse Arizona Muse one

Image courtesy of Estee Lauder

The aptly named Arizona Muse, the new face of Lauder, has this as her first campaign – Estee Lauder Modern Muse wasn’t named after her, honestly! Check out a few of her amazing shots shot in New York’s Guggenheim Museum – isn’t she stunning?!

Modern Muse Arizna Muse two

Image courtesy of Estee Lauder

The perfume itself is modern, of course, and has two contrasting accords  – Sparkling Jasmine and Sleek Woods. At the recent press launch we had the chance to smell the two accords independently of each other, and they are so, so different, it was hard to see them work together. However, when we sampled the final product, it was almost impossible to Modern Muse twodistinguish the separate accords, and what they had created when blended was a beautiful, subtle, fresh scent.

The Sparkling Jasmine Accord is supposed to capture the “creative energy and magnetic femininity of a modern woman“, according to Lauder. It contains exotic mandarin, honeysuckle nectar, and dewy petals, as well, as, of course Jasmine. The accord contains two extractions of Jasmine Sambac, including one new to the perfumery palette, Jasmine Sambac China Absolute, which are just delicious.

It also has notes of Tuberose Fleur and Fresh Lily. You can really smell the Jasmine in the final fragrance, and I can really pick out the lily and mandarin.

The Sleek Woods Accord represents the modern woman’s “sleek style, strength and sensuality” which are expressed through this innovative blend of two Patchouli essences wrapped in Madagascar Vanilla, rich Amber Wood and soft Musk. I find this harder to find in the finished fragrance. I struggle to pick out any of the notes in this accord, but I do get that it does temper the Jasmine Accord, giving the scent a deepness that wouldn’t be there, were it not for the patchouli, vanilla, amber wood and musk notes. But it is difficult to find them  – I have spent ages sniffing away! No bad thing, with a lovely scent like this!

It is an innovative blend, and a really lovely, easy, wearable, fragrance. The bottle is also lovely – simple, with pink glass, and a navy bow – the Lauder colour, and a modern take on the bow on Lauder’s first fragrance, the classic Youth Dew, from 1953, which I have photographed here beside Estee Lauder Modern Muse.

modern muse youth dew

And this is a wider photo of my dressing table fragrance collection just for fun!

Modern Muse estee lauder one

Estee Lauder Modern Muse EDP is available from September 18, in three sizes – 30ml, 50ml and 100ml, priced £44, £69 and £86 respectively, at Estee Lauder locations, and

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