Remembering Marilyn

We’re remembering Marilyn Monroe on the 51st anniversary of her sad death. What makes our Marilyn such an enduring icon?

It’s 51 years today since Marilyn Monroe died. We wonder here at BBHQ ifshe will still be remembered in another 51 years? Is she truly the world’s most enduring icon? Along with Elvis Presley, will she be remembered and copied long after we are all gone? And if so, why?

Marilyn Monroe 51 years death

We can’t explain our love for Marilyn properly here at BBHQ – no-one can. Is it something about her image, her face, her hair, her makeup, what is it? Her tragic death? Her sometimes tragic life? Perhaps. Perhaps it’s no more than her beauty that draws us in, and then, if we take time to watch her films, her amazing screen presence, and her undoubted talent on screen.

Her style has experienced a renaissance recently, with a general love for all things vintage and 1950s-inspired. Her platinum blonde hair is much copied, and her classic red lipstick and flicked eyeliner simple makeup look is a favourite here at BBHQ! Marilyn was a much more complex chracter than perhaps thought in her lifetime. Perhaps much of the fascinatin with her now is, that, since her death, so much more has been learned about her. Of course, much of what we read can still be debated – who knows what the truth is surrounding her life, and of course, her death.

Whatever it is, we will always love Marilyn here at BBHQ. She has a special place in our heart, and we have been remembering Marilyn today, as many around the world have, and as we are remembering Marilyn every day, here on Beauty Bombshells. She’s the inspiration behind our site, and we wouldn’t be here without her.


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