Michelle Williams in H&M (and the cutest bag ever!)

Michelle Williams looked cute as a button as ever at last night’s BAFTAs in London.

Hey, shes no Marilyn in my book, but she did do a decent job of portraying our favourite Bombshell, I’m told.

Yes, shockingly I haven’t seen My Week With Marilyn yet. I don’t know if it’s Kenneth Branagh that’s putting me off or what?!

Anyway. Back to Michelle – and can you believe it – her dress is from H&M, or Hennes. Yep, the High Street store.

Okay, on further reading, it’s actually bespoke H&M, so you can’t buy it. But you can buy plenty of other lovely dresses from them!

However, to heck with her H&M dress, we’re more interested in her AMAZING, and very clever, Olympia Le Tan canvas book clutch bag – an Arthur Miller book of course!

If you fancy one of these (and have a spare £660!) then you can check out stockists here.


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  1. Luna
    February 14, 2012 / 3:29 am

    Not too pushed about Michelle playing Marilyn as she lacks Marilyn’s star quality, glamour and charisma. Anyhow, not a bad dress and so her, in a nice way. Simple and minimalist. I’ve seen a few of those type of “book” clutch bags on celebs recently.

  2. beautybombshells
    February 14, 2012 / 10:54 am

    Me neither. It is a very Michelle dress – she’s got a particular look. She’s cute, but not my fave. I do adore these bags, I have seen others with them as well. Great idea from the designer.