Bombshell of the Month – Hedy Lamarr

Bombshell of the Month….Hedy Lamarr

Our latest Bombshell of the Month is the exceedingly beautiful, and extraordinarily clever, Hedy Lamarr. Regular readers of this blog will know exactly what we are talking about when we call Hedy a scientist and movie star! Checkout this post for more info.

To cut a long story short, the beautiful Austrian born star invented ‘frequency hopping’ back in the 1940s, the forerunner to ‘spread spectrum’, which was invented based on Hedy’s findings.

Today, spread spectrum devices using micro-chips, make pagers, mobile phones, and communication on the internet possible. Many units can operate at once using the same frequencies.

Fifty-five years after her invention, in 1997, Hedy was given the EFF (Electronic Frontier Foundation) Award. Her fellow inventor, pianist/producer George Antheil was also honoured posthumously, having died in the 1960s.

In amongst all of this, and the 35 films she starred in, Hedy still had time to get married SIX times! She was also briefly engaged to German actor, Fred Doederlein and later, actor George Montogomery, in 1942.

She was married to Friedrich Mandl from 1933-37 – he was chairman of Hirtenberger Patronen-Fabrik – a leading armaments firm. He was a supporter of Austrofacism, not Nazism.

In 1932 she appeared in a German film called Ecstasy (1933)and had made the gutsy move to be nude.  The film’s nude scenes created a sensation all over the world. The scenes are obviously very tame by today’s standards but they caused the film to be banned by the US government at the time. Mandl attempted to buy up all the prints of  Ecstasy he could lay his hands on  and apprently Italy’s dictator, Benito Mussolini had a copy, but refused to sell it to him!

Hedy – or Hedwig Eva Maria Keisler to give her her real name – was married to screenwriter and producer Gene Markey, from 1939-1941. They adopted a son, James Lamarr Markey after their divorce.

She then married actor John Loder in 1943 and stayed with him until 1947. They had  two children, Anthony and Denise. Loder adopted Hedy’s son, James Lamarr Markey, and gave him his surname. James Lamarr Loder later challenged Hedy Lamarr’s will in 2000, which did not mention him. He later dropped his suit against the estate in exchange for a lump-sum payment of $50,000.

Her next husband was nightclub owner, restaurateur and former bandleader Ernest ‘Ted’ Stauffer – she was married to him from 1951-52. In 1953 she was up the aisle again. this time to marry W.Howard Lee, a Texas oilman, and the marriage lasted until 1960. He then went on to marry Hedy’s fellow bombshell, Gene Tierney. And in a brilliantly cliched move, she married her divorce lawyer in 1963, but that only lasted two years.

Hedy herself has admitted she was too demaning in love! But what man would turn down this stunning, intelligent beauty?! We will pay tribute to her this month, and you can get her look, learn about her career, and marvel at her bombshell beauty!

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